Mi Gusta Papi!
Mi Gusta Papi!

Praise for 100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds

“Throughout my 16-year career as a family physician I have been struck by how difficult it can be for individuals to change habits for the benefit of their health. This is why 100 Small Steps is so important. The authentic nature of how Keith shares his experiences is inspiring, thought provoking and shows up powerfully in the text.”

KEVIN RONNEBERGMD, Medical Director, Target Corporation

“Keith Trotter’s Small Steps deliver huge results. Vulnerability that creates confidence. Research that strengthens instinct. Success driven from an acceptance and understanding of failures. 100 Small Steps is not only an inspirational guide and a real and personal take on losing weight, but a recipe for creating better habits and living a fuller life.”

PAT SUKHUM, Co-Founder, RedBrick Health

“I love this book! Keith Trotter’s 100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds is full of practical wisdom, good for improving health, and for leading a better life beyond weight loss or fitness gains.  He teaches lessons that I continue to apply and appreciate.”

-CHARLES A. WEINSTEIN, Ph.D., President, Ethical Leaders in Action, LLC

“A wonderful and inspiring story! Keith Trotter’s 100 Small Steps: the First 100 Pounds is an honest and enlightening account of one man’s journey to improving not only his physical health, but the way he interacts with the world. This book is not just about weight loss, it is about making lasting changes to one’s life. Temple breaks down his personal journey in a way that it is relevant and actionable for everyone. Even if you don’t need to lose weight this book is still well worth the read.”

-PETER MILLS, MD, Director, Co-Founder nGage Health

“Keith Trotter’s empowering weight loss journey told in 100 Small Steps touches on every facet of this type of transformation story – the ugly, much of which, we as human beings try to deny, disguise or not communicate, including the psychological and emotional battle that usually consumes weight loss of this magnitude, and then of course, the positive and inspiring outcome that comes with sticking to the process.

What sets this particular story apart is the author’s ability to twist humor into what many people would deem a long and difficult, up and down, battle. Interlaced with supportive research and science, giving the book a strong foundation, the narration is told in a way that brings the journey to life, engages the reader and makes them one with the narrator. This story gives the reader, who likely has or is struggling with the same difficulty, a sense of affinity, comfort [that they are not alone], trust in the process, and strength and inspiration to start or continue their own transformation.

We are lucky that Keith has decided to share his 100 Small Steps with the world; his honesty, experience, knowledge and human-quality conveyed throughout this book will undoubtedly serve as an invaluable resource to readers everywhere.”

-CARRIE RIGGIN, Board Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

“Now is the time to get healthy and if you want to start with small steps then you will need to have this inspirational story to keep you inspired and give you the extra push that you need in order to succeed. This is a phenomenal read and great story.”

-SHAY WATTSActress, Model and Personal Trainer

If you are looking for the right inspiration to help you stay focused on becoming healthy and living a vibrant life you need to read 100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds. It all starts with your mind and spirit and this guide is more than just someone telling you how to get healthy. This guide teaches you how to find why you need to be healthy and how to live that out by helping you create the tools we all need to have healthy habits. “Keith Trotter’s 100 Small Steps takes you on a very personal journey that anyone can connect with.

-HANEEF R. JORDAN, Journey Coach & Host, Talking With Truth