Keith “Temple” Trotter | WWJ – 100 Small Steps | Tricks of the Trade

In my first television interview I speak to Bobbie Pominville of the Western Wisconsin Journal about food industry “tricks of the trade” and how our minds can trick us into consuming more calories due to labeling.

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About the Author:

Twin Cities area author and founder of the Temple Global Consulting Group, Morgan James bestselling author Keith “Temple” Trotter started off as a successful finance and operations manager. His life changed forever when a photo of him weighing 386 pounds showed up in his Facebook timeline. Since then he has lost 160 pounds using his principles of research, testing and results documentation. Several news organizations and networks, including, Haneef Jordan’s “Talking with Truth,” and Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Love in the City,” have featured his story. Temple is passionate about helping others lose weight and make sustainable, transformative change in their lives. Connect with Temple onFacebook on Twitter @TempleTrotter at or the blog Never miss a video update and subscribe today!

More About This Title:

Think Right

100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds You Gotta Think Right by Keith “Temple” Trotter was released by Morgan James Publishing on January 6, 2015. 100 Small Steps—ISBN 978-1614489238—has 146 pages and is available now at your local bookstore and online at Chapters-Indigo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Powell’s. 

About Morgan James Publishing:

Morgan James Publishing provides entrepreneurs with the vital information, inspiration, and guidance they need to be successful. Morgan James Publishing, The Entrepreneurial Publisher™, was recognized by Publisher’s Weekly, for two consecutive years, on their fast growing press list and was reported as being the future of publishing by Jay Conrad Levinson.