My First Unsolicited Review | Kaira Lansing | Why You Need a Healthy Mindset

In my first unsolicited review a fellow author happened to borrow my book. Here’s a little of what she had to say about it.

“His book is not only geared towards those wanting to shed those pounds, but also for those that want to incorporate changes in their lives towards an OVERALL healthy lifestyle. This book is great for everyone to read. Without a healthy mindset, you don’t have a healthy life no matter how healthy you think you are.”

 I invite you to check out the rest of her review here.

About The Author:

Kiara Lansing
Kiara Lansing

I enjoy writing mystery, romance and sometimes throw some paranormal into my adult novels. When I’m not writing, you can find me out on dates with my Husband, scoping out restaurants in search of the best Ultimate Nachos. I also enjoy running; hate doing sit-ups; love to read and can’t stand winter.  Like, really … Can’t. Stand. Winter. I drink way too much soda and am trying to quit, hence my new passion for Brandy and Coke. I am famously known for my practical pranks involving: post-it notes, saran wrap, a toilet cake, and a surprise birthday party that almost burned down my house!