Keith “Temple” Trotter Nominated for Health Activist Hero Award


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Joy_PicHealth Activist

On January 1, 2010 I was confronted by a picture on my Facebook timeline that proved to me once and for all that I was a 386 pound morbidly obese diabetic statistic waiting to happen. This was my “aha” moment and I was faced with a choice. I was either going to continue to live in bondage and denial or I needed to find a way to address the underlying issues that led to me letting myself get to such an unhealthy point in my life. To date, I’ve lost over 150 pounds and 20 inches off my waist alone. I started a blog to help hold myself publicly accountable to my friends, readers, and loved ones. Now I am a warrior advocate dedicated to crushing obesity 1 pound at a time! Click here to endorse Keith “Temple” Trotter as a Health Activist!


Hudson, WI


Health Activist Hero

“Keith Trotter has an infectious attitude, so one might never guess the inner turmoil he suffered throughout most of his life. Recently, Keith made a decision to get healthy; from the inside out. He not only lost nearly 100 pounds, but he found himself in the process. Keith is an inspiration to those of us afraid of ourselves. Keith is real life.”   — Angela