Step 1: Know Why You Are Doing It!

Time to review!

100 Small Steps

Me Jan 1, 2010

What the experts say – The why  is more important than the how.  The why makes it personal and affords you the opportunity to buy in, internalize, and be intimate with what it is you have to accomplish.  The how is sterile, foreign, all of your worst fears about big brother and the boogie man actualized in HD. The how is given to you.  The why comes from you.  The how can be all wrong for you, but the why is your baby, and in order to have a beautiful healthy and strong baby you have to nurture, and promote her well being.

How I did it – I posted my reasons all over the house.  The main reason being this picture of how absolutely awful I looked at the news year’s eve party.  I made sure they were in close reach whenever I went to…

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