Step 33 – Be A Catalyst

CatalystWhat the experts say – Sherri over at says this about change, “You are more likely to be accepting of change when you are the creator and more likely to oppose it when it is forced upon you.” If that isn’t right out of Step 1 then nothing is! For me nothing was more motivating to me than telling my story and then seeing the change happen in other people and then watching them “infect” the next person. A catalyst is defined here as someone that causes something to happen, and when we look at these people they share 4 key traits

1. They take the initiative to make things happen

2. They positively promote new directions and ideas

3. They make change manageable

4. They are agile in their actions and in how they think

Looking at this list can you say that you have the potential to be your own catalyst? If not what do you need to do in order to become one? If the first step is to know why you’re doing it, then really the second is learning how to be a catalyst or change agent in your own life and then in the lives of others.

How I did it – I did this without even knowing it to be honest with you.  If you remember back in Step 16? I was telling everyone I knew about my weight loss goals so that they could hold me accountable.  What I did not realize at the time was that I was taking the initiative to make that happen in their lives as well.  As they saw me talking the talk and then walking the walk, they joined in. We all positively promoted the idea that we needed to be healthy enough to enjoy our vices and we made the change manageable by holding each other to setting and achieving realistic goals that did not put our overall health in danger. (i.e. no crash diets, steroids, general stupidity) And none of this could have happened if we were not agile in our actions and thinking.  Thanks Sherri for putting the icing on this part of my journey cake.