Step 30 – Read Into It!


What the experts say – “Trust but Verify” – Ronald Reagan, INF Treaty signing, 8 December 1987.  Suzanne Massie, the daughter of a Swiss diplomat and Author of Land of the Firebird – The Beauty of Old Russia taught Reagan this phrase after he read her book and invited her to the White House.  Afterwards, she became sort of a back door messenger between Reagan and Russian General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev towards the end of the cold war.  This advice in essence, states this: though the source of your information may be credible and reliable, a prudent individual will perform additional research to verify that the information is accurate and or trustworthy.  In other words, don’t just read this book and take my word for it.  Read into it and see if you can find the flaws

How I did it – As you can see here, I wrote things down that I saw worked for me and then set about proving to myself that there was scientific evidence and the personal experiences of other successful weight loss journeys that matched my own.  I didn’t even take my own word for it.  Be ever skeptical of the get skinny quick crowds and homemade remedies that may just be on-offs that work in the short term, but not for a lifetime. Strive to be healthy and whole, not just give the appearance of such.