Step 29 – Get Active Socially

Group_FitWhat the experts say – Chrissy Wallace of Crossfit Duvall Helped me to understand this better than anyone who wrote on this topic.  Succinctly, “Suffering together breeds companionship.” It creates a sense of community and relate-ability that you can’t build working out or running on your own. Moreover it creates accountability through friendly competition.  Who wants to be the individual always at the bottom of the standings, finishing last, not accomplishing her/his goals week after week especially when there are your fellow warriors cheering you on and carrying you the last few feet?  “The mind will quit hundreds of times before the body will, but no one wants to be the one that let’s their partner down!”

How I did it – I am blessed to have 1) great friends who were supportive and eager to join in my journey and 2) to live in St. Croix County Wisconsin where the St. Croix River flows clean and free.  The St.Croix is the natural border between Far Western Wisconsin and Far Eastern Minnesota.  It is a stunningly beautiful place to be and it’s loaded walking/biking trails, swimming, boating, beach volleyball, and others.  I coordinated a Saturday morning bike ride from the marina in Hudson, WI to the Marina in Afton, MN.  Trust me when I tell you, this was no ride in the park.  I had no idea that it was possible to go uphill both ways on a trip, but this ride certainly felt like it.  The first hurdle was the 94 bridge and it just got better from there. 16 miles roundtrip of quad & glute busting humping that kept each and every one of us honest and challenging each other to go faster, rest less, and get there first.  You can’t beat fellowship like that especially when you realize that you’re not only helping each other, but each other’s families live healthy more productive lives.