Step 28 – Network With & Befriend Fit People

Fit_PeopleWhat the experts say – Tony Schober, a health & fitness blogger, and the founder of tells us that if you look at the healthy people in the world you would begin to notice patterns of choice and behaviors that many of them would have in common.  So, in a variation of a theme he compiled the “10 Habits of Exceptionally Healthy People.” Habit #4 states that they “Surround Themselves with Other Healthy People.” “We are highly influenced by the people closest to us. Surrounding yourself with healthy people  tends to make you healthy by association.  Not only are you motivated and inspired by your healthy friends, but there is also a sense of social pressure to be healthy yourself when you’re around them.”

How I did it – Remember Step 14? That step was all about inviting positive reinforcement into your life and removing toxic people from your life, now this step is about replacing those toxic influencers with people who are already living the lifestyle you want to live.  This part is not easy if you’re an introvert, but I went up to fit people at the gym, at work, whenever and wherever there was an opportunity and just told them my goals. You would be surprised how willing people are to engage with you when you earn their trust by proving out that you’re committed.  For a lot of healthy people being healthy is a passion and it is one that they will share pretty freely.  It’s called being a catalyst and once you’ve been around them long enough you will become one.  It’s a cheesy Star Wars line, but ultimately student becomes master and the cycle starts again.