100 Small Steps

Crushing Obesity One Pound At A Time!

Step 33 – Be A Catalyst

What the experts say – Sherri over at http://www.serenejourney.com says this about change, “You are more likely to be accepting of change when you are the creator and more likely … Continue reading

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Step 32 – Book That Vacation

This is all about creating some calendar pressure for yourself.  If you remember back in step 23 I bought the shirts.  The money was gone and I either had to … Continue reading

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Step 31 – Keep A Journal

What the experts say – “Writing, expressing can heal us. It can focus, support, and enhance our lives and well-being. Whether we laugh or we cry, whether through sorrow or … Continue reading

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Step 30 – Read Into It!

What the experts say – “Trust but Verify” – Ronald Reagan, INF Treaty signing, 8 December 1987.  Suzanne Massie, the daughter of a Swiss diplomat and Author of Land of … Continue reading

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Step 29 – Get Active Socially

What the experts say – Chrissy Wallace of Crossfit Duvall Helped me to understand this better than anyone who wrote on this topic.  Succinctly, “Suffering together breeds companionship.” It creates … Continue reading

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Step 28 – Network With & Befriend Fit People

What the experts say – Tony Schober, a health & fitness blogger, and the founder of http://www.CoachCalorie.com tells us that if you look at the healthy people in the world … Continue reading

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Step 27 – Don’t Watch The Food

What the experts say – In June of 2010 Time Magazine published an article entitled “What if you ate only what was advertised on TV?” The article was based on … Continue reading

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