Step 24 – Make Routines Like Brushing Your Teeth After Meals

BrushingWhat the experts say – At Dr. James Beckerman writes a Daily Diet Tip column and suggests that brushing your teeth after meal using a minty toothpaste can actually lose weight by making sweet desserts and snacks less appealing. Everyone knows you just don’t drink OJ after brushing your teeth (unless you want to know first-hand what an earwax and booger jelly bean tastes like.)  This is due to an ingredient in toothpaste (sodium lauryl sulfate) which is used to create that sudsy sensation and make your mouth feel clean.  It also has the effect of turning off your tongues sweet receptors and putting the bitter receptors on steroids. Voila! Willpower in a tube. Do this right after your meal which is when you are most likely to crave sweet desserts or snacks. This activity has the power to do two things. 1) Building the routine telling your mind and body, I am done eating, stop producing ghrelin (referenced in Step 2) and 2) provides a physical barrier to eating that is pretty tough to overcome, unless of course you like earwax and booger flavored snacks and desserts.

How I did it – I wish I would have known about the toothpaste deal earlier on in my journey, but it was so effective that I had to share it! Routines that I had built for myself were 1) Always eating at the table. When I left the table, I was finished and I never sat at the table for more than 20 minutes and I never went back. This included all meals.  If I wasn’t at a table, I wasn’t eating. 2) I had a salad before each meal and a large glass of water.  If I was still hungry, I had another salad and glass of water. 3) I slowed down and chewed my food at least 20 times.  This aides in digestion and turns off the production of ghrelin, and finally 4) I found out about brushing my teeth.  Trust me when I tell you, honey buns and Colgate don’t mix.