Step 23 – Dress Well All The Time

Dress_WellWhat the experts say – Tammy Strome, owner of Tammy Strome fitness and co-founder of Cre8ion Fitness & Wellness Inc. really puts it succinctly.  You’re hiding in your fat clothes.  “If you can’t see it, then you aren’t likely to be motivated to change it.” If you remember in Step 4, I had stopped acknowledging the fact that I was obese and just bought bigger clothes which is just counterproductive.  Tammy who is the mother of two (though you would never know it just by looking at her) gives this advice. 1) Take those clothes off at home and take an honest inventory. Look at your body and acknowledge it as it is at this moment. It will hurt, but that hurt is needed for lasting change. Be kind to yourself and don’t allow your “fat goggles” to cloud your vision 2) If you don’t have any clothes that fit properly now, go out and buy some that are flattering to your body type as it is today.  Men, shine your shoes, buy a pocket square, trim those stray hairs. Ladies, get your hair/nails done, do something new with your make-up. When you feel good at all stages it gives you incentive and motivation to stick to your “get fit” plans. The compliments that will come don’t hurt either.

How I did it – I bought 4 really nice shirts at a Brooks Brothers outlet store at the Dolphin Mall in Miami and could not fit them.  They sat in my closet for 3 years. When I finally got serious about making the transformation I made a monthly ritual of trying on each one and marking how far I had to go in order to wear one without looking like an over stuffed sausage.  In a sense they acted as another physical form of my progress, so I called them my “Progress Shirts.” In the meantime, I went out and bought clothes that fit a little tighter than I was comfortable with and gave my size 60 pants and 4,5,6X shirts to the Goodwill.  As those clothes got bigger on me, I would swap them out with smaller clothes from the Goodwill.  I’m not at all ashamed to say I shopped there for my clothes. Losing weight is hard on your wardrobe budget, especially if like me you have almost 200lbs to lose.  I could go through a couple of pant sizes every 90 days and I refused to keep my “fat clothes” around for fear that I would get complacent and just put them back on if I gained a few pounds. The best thing that happened was that a bunch of us started losing weight together and started swapping clothes.  As we got smaller we would give or sell our bigger clothes to someone in the group that fit them. If no one could fit them, we were right back at the Goodwill. I think I made out like a bandit.  The guy whose size I finally would up at was in the mortgage business. Needless to say he dressed very well, now I do to.