Step 21 – Have A Cheat Day Every Week

Cheat_DayWhat the experts say – The experts over at sum it up this way. “Many dieters think that having a cheat day amounts to failure, so they either struggle to avoid the temptation altogether or they feel incredibly guilty after they cheat on their diet and engage in some behaviors that are more damaging to their diet in the long run. While it’s true that taking time off from your diet can cause some problems, there are some very important reasons to approach “cheating” that can aid in your physical and mental health.” The “Cheat Day” philosophy they espouse is simple

  1. Understand the cheat day.  This is not a license to spend an entire day eating like a teenager.  Choose one meal and treat yourself to something banned from your diet.
  2. Plan and plan for your cheat day.  If you have a cheat day to look forward to, you will be less likely to be in danger of binge eating.
  3. Having a cheat day increases your motivation to stick to the healthy lifestyle you have chosen for yourself and makes you less susceptible to ego depletion.

How I did it. – In this area I didn’t get more disciplined until later in the journey, and I was seriously going to hurt someone if I didn’t get my cheesy poof/honey bun fix.  I had spent several months trying to avoid all the foods that were bad for me, but in the course of trying to be healthy I was engaged in the unhealthy and counterproductive activity of spending  90% of my waking hours thinking about and craving what I was depriving myself of.  Talk about ego depletion! At the end of the day I was exhausted and unmotivated.  Once I incorporated a “cheat day” into my weekly regimen slowly but surely the cravings went away.  I started out taking the entire day to eat whatever I wanted, but the healthier I got, the less appealing it became and finally I was cheating “the right way” which for me was one special meal where I ate what I wanted in moderation.  I knew I had turned the corner when I wrote in my journal…”5:15pm, really craving a honey bun.” “5:45pm honey buns are overrated!” I haven’t had one since, and that was almost a year ago.

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