Step 19 – Keep It Simple

SimpleWhat the experts say – Mike “2 meal Mike” O’Donnell has a blog entitled the IF life.  In his Blog he espouses the simple 2 meal lifestyle.  Mike likes to keep everything simple.  Diet/Nutrition, exercise and tracking are all done for maximum efficiency and sanity control.  “I see it  in the gym every day. people giving 110% doing some of the craziest things. People spending hours and hours in there daily for 7x a week, yet they look the same month after month. Clients spending $1000/month on private training yet their trainer has them doing stuff that is not even related to what their goals are. What is going on?” Keep it simple.

1.Don’t worry about how many calories you’re burning during workouts. Diet and nutrition are 85% of your results. 

2.Muscles don’t grow in the gym.  Keep your workouts to 30 minutes, then go home and get some rest. 

3.Have a simple workout plan and keep rest periods short

4.You don’t need a gym to have a good workout                                            

 How I did it. – I wasn’t going to the gym to show everyone my obesity, so I had to learn how to do what I could at home. I started with stair push-ups and step-ups. I added jumping jacks, deep knee bends and sit ups.  Then I got my hands on a copy of The Prison Workout by Gino Gioe and learned about burpees and all sorts of bad-a** bodyweight conditioning exercises and techniques like table pull ups, chair dips, doorway chest flyes, and the dreaded one legged squat. (Which btw…this fat guy still cannot do!) Guess what, you can work up a sweat, lose weight, and get in better shape without dragging yourself to a gym.  So there!  No more excuses for you!