Step 17 – Visualize The End Result

VisualizeWhat the experts say – In a study published in Psychology and Health McGill University’s Dr. Bärbel Knäuper and her students asked 177 students at the new residence hall to set themselves the goal of consuming more fruit for a period of seven days.  The wonderful thing about this particular study is that all of the students actually did consume more fruit, but those who were instructed to make a plan, write it down and then visualize themselves successfully implementing the plan consumed twice as much fruit as those who simply set out to eat more fruit without doing so.  This study reinforces what sports psychologists and elite athletes  have known for years.  When you create a mental picture using visualization, your sub conscious mind records it as an actual event.  This “false” memory actually helps to build confidence, crystallizes your vision and focus, and sort of greases the tracks so to speak so that you move more intuitively in the positive ways to achieve your goals

How I did it – I started with meditation and learned how to kill two birds with one stone. If you remember back in step 11 the focal point of my meditation was not just to create harmony between body and mind, but to actually “see” that harmony in action.  Without even knowing I was creating in my sub-conscience eye “memories” that were to me real, tangible, pleasurable, and confidence building. As those visualizations (eating healthier, feeling good about my healthy choices, etc.) manifested themselves in my actions and lower pants sizes, the difference between what was a visualization and what was actually happening became blurred.  That’s when I knew it was working.  That’s when my journey turned the corner.