Step 34 – Eat and Drink More Water


What the experts say – Dehydration is the enemy of the body. In a routine day you can lose 3-4 litres or 10-15 cups of fluid per day in the forms of sweat, urine, exhaled air, and bowel movement. If you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated and your body is not performing at peak efficiency.  Since the body is 60% water it is critical that you keep your fluid levels balanced.  For weight loss water serves 3 critical functions. 1) When you substitute water for higher caloric beverages and eat a diet filled with “water-rich” foods they can be more filling and help trim caloric intake. 2) Water helps to keep muscles healthy and energized.  When cells are water depleted they shrivel which effects muscle performance leading to muscle fatigue. Why do you care? Well for every pound of muscle you build you’re burning an additional 5-6 calories a day even at rest due to the fact that it takes more energy from the body to maintain a pound of muscle vs. a pound of fat.  This may not seem like much, but burned calories aren’t sitting on your body, their burned so the bottom line is if you’re not building muscle, you’re not continuously burning fat. 3) Water helps your kidneys remove waste which is an important part of a healthier you. If you’re not removing the waste from your cells, they cannot perform the important role of bringing nutrients into the muscles leading to fatigue and performance degradation. No buildy, no losie.

How I did It – First things first, I detoxed my body with more green tea and multivitamins than you could shake a stick at.  I followed that up with drinking at minimum a gallon of water per day.  I had non bpa water bottles everywhere. I carried them in my car, at my desk, in other people’s cars, in my locker…  I was never far from water and water was never far from me.  I once joked that it wasn’t all the water that was helping me to lose weight; but all the walking (sometimes running) to find a bathroom.