Step 14 – Surround yourself with positive reinforcement

Positive_VibesWhat the experts say – Carrie Riggin a columnist over at says it succinctly and best…”Get rid of toxic people. Period!” (emphasis added) Riggin’s further goes on to say that we all know deep down the person we used to be won’t be good enough to transform us into the victorious individual of tomorrow. This also applies to the happy hour, weekend booze and bar b que crowd currently using your couch to sleep it off more often than not. No one is saying that these good friends have no place in your life, but if they can’t or won’t convert with you to a new healthier more responsible lifestyle, then unfortunately, they should occupy a diminished place in your life. Finding a balance that incorporates the people worth keeping around and your new healthy passions is the single most important factor to maintaining your long term physical and mental health.

 How I did it. – Like Ms. Riggin, I lost some friends.  Guys who were with me through some pretty difficult and embarrassing times, but ultimately, were not good for me and what I was trying to do.  The good thing is most of the crew I hung out with were very supportive and collectively we lost almost 400lbs together. (and we still smoked a ton of cigars!) There were some difficult conversations and days when I felt like an awful traitor who had turned his back on someone that really needed him to be around, but at the end of the day, my desire to be healthy for my babies trumped all. They needed me more than my drinking buddies. They were there, along with my positive support system when I needed to tell someone how I was struggling. They told me I could do it and better yet, how they were going to do it with me.  They offered encouragement and support when I needed it, and they told me to stop crying like a b***h when I needed that too. I love my support system.  Seek out yours and you will too.