Step 11 – Learn How to Meditate

meditate-health-benefits[1]What the experts say – In the introduction of this book I freely admitted that it seemed counter intuitive that thinking and not doing would be the first, most critical step in the process. After all you can’t burn one ounce of fat off your body sitting in one spot and trying to open your mind to the universe. Or can you? Dr. Deepak Chopra distinguished author, teacher, and Fellow of the American College of Physicians has produced a program that blends ancient Vedanta philosophy with modern medicine to provide meditative solutions that meet a wide variety of needs.  Although medical experts have not been able to pinpoint the results you will achieve through meditation, a growing number of practitioners believe that meditation does have some health benefits. Dr. Chopra teaches that “Meditation can bring healing to the body and give strength to the intentions”. 

How I did it. – I am an early riser and one of the things that we will talk about later is the use of ritual in your life. As you have no doubt noticed by now, I am a firm believer that weight loss is more than just a series of physical activities and food deprivations with the stated goal being burning more calories than you take in.  (Even that process starts in the mind.) This is always only going to ever be a temporary fix.  The focal point of my meditation was on my desire to eat healthier foods and feel full and satisfied with my choices and visualizing myself losing weight and feeling stronger, healthier, and more focused.  My ritual was to rise early and sit in a room by myself in a chair with my hands flat on my thighs, and with my eyes closed purging my body of negative energy through a series of three deep breaths.  Using Dr. Chopra’s method, I said out loud to myself  “I am stronger today than yesterday, I am healthier today than yesterday, I am more determined today than yesterday.  I then whispered them to myself to help me internalize and make it even more personal. Then I kept that same whispered tone and just thought about those three things while visualizing myself working out, running, smiling, trying on new clothes, etc. For the next 10-15 minutes no negative thoughts, sounds, or visions were allowed to enter my world of peace and victory.  The benefits to me were amazing and made their way into all aspects of my personal and professional life.  Now, meditation may prepare your mind and body for weight loss by engaging a powerful mechanism which will change your thinking and feelings surrounding the issue of weight loss, but the work of putting your vision into action still must be done.  Daily meditation allows you to literally re-program your brain and is a proven reducer of stress, and increaser of mindfulness/brain function throughout the day which again is key to defending yourself against poor choices by reducing decision fatigue. Using these techniques I would be willing to guarantee that after some practice, everyday that mission will continue to get easier and will be more fulfilling.