Step 5: Focus On The Whole Life


At the end of the day weight loss can only be achieved by placing an emphasis on physical/mental health and nutrition.  You can only obsess over counting calories, half starving yourself, and doing Lord knows what unhealthy exercise routine for so long.  Will-power is finite and unfortunately for you you’re not strong enough to fight millennia of physiological programming that says “pack it in my friend, you’re not safe, and you don’t know when the next time we’re gonna eat is.” (Trust me it’s worse when you’ve known utter poverty first hand like I have) This is one of the main reasons diets just don’t work.  They focus on one aspect of the problem and don’t take a holistic approach.  First you have to deal with the psychological reasons why we (Especially Americans) have developed unhealthy relationships with food.  Don’t be fooled, you need a professional counselor for this part.  It won’t work long term without it. It’s not a diet that helped me and is helping me; it is the desire to make sustained living, breathing transformative life changes that took off a third of my overall body weight with zero plans to allow any of it to ever return.